Aims & Objectives

The institution is operating through its own Educational Philosophy inspired by the Philosophy of Dr.Ambedkar. The aims and objectives in a broad way are based on this philosophy. The main motive behind this philosophy is a sustainable human development. The development being competitive environment to face the present challenges.

"Serving the poorest of the poor is serving God" is indeed the Educational Philosophy on which the Aims and Objectives of the Institution are being achieved, over three decaded of consistent practice of this philosophy has made the institution to stand apart and high above.


Karnataka Peoples' Education Society established KPES D.Ed College with the folloing purposes.

1. To make pupil teachers understand and apply the principles of Teaching and learning.
2. To enable pupil teachers to gain knowledge of the nature, development and behaviour of the child.
3. To help pupil teachers understand the nature of effective human relationship.
4. To expose pupil teachers to experience a wide range of teaching styles, strategies and skill.
5. To sesitize the role of teachers in the community.
6. To encourage professional development of teachers by regular participation in workshops, seminars and undertaking project.
7. To provide in service training to school teachers.
8. To develop the ability of decision making in pupil teachers.
9. To make pupil-teachers acquire moral principles and ethical values of the society.
10. To develop critical thinking and creating thinking ability of pupil teachers.


1. The institution aims to promote in pupil teachers democratic values of justice, equality, liberty and fraternity.
2. The institution aims to promote in pupil teachers the need to strive for National Integration.
3. The institution aims at making pupil teachers understand the roke of Teachers, responsibilities, and competencies in the community.
4. The institution is striving to nurture and foster creativity in pupil teachers.
5. The focus of the institution is to create interest in pupil teachers, Love for learning, Positive attitude and development of Life skills.
6. The institution stressed on value of Integrity of Character among students.
7. The institution aims at inculcating moral values of honesty and simplicity.
8. The institution aims at inculcating dignity of labour and commitment to the profession.
9. The institution aims at inculcation of universal values of truth, beauty and goodness.
10. The institution aims at development of spiritual values among pupil Teachers

Students Performance and results

The constant efforts and individual care of students have enabled them to face the examination, with confidence. Consequently results of the college at the University examination is always encouraging bagging rank at the university level. The average result of the college stands at 97%. This is a landmark achievement of the college.

General Knowledge Test

Every year a General Knowledge Test is conducted to all the students. 10 students who score highest marks are selected for a Quiz competition which is conducted during the Community Living Camp. The motive behind conducting this General Knowledge Test and Quiz is to create interest about current affairs which is very essential.

Talents Day

Talents Day is conducted at the beginning of the academic year. Students having talents in different fields are recognized and encouraged to take part in competitions conducted by other colleges.

Students Association, Alumni Association, Parents Meet, Health Centre

Alumni Association organises several programmes and awards meritirious students with cash prize on the occasion of Founder's Day. Parents meets are held twice in a year and the institution receives constructive feedback from parents. The institution also has a Health centre to take care of general health of staff & students. One staff member is designated as staff adviser of Students Association. The staff adviser guides the students in undertaking different academic, curricular and co-curricular activities.

Sports and Cultural Activities

The college takes keen interest and care in promoting sports and cultural activities. Facilities for Indoor and Ourdoor games are available in the college. Sports competitions are held during Community Living Camp and prizes are awarded. Cultural Activities are an integral part of curriculum. Equal importance is given to cultural acivities throught the year.

Teacher's Evaluation by students

As per the rules of the Government, Teacher's Evaluation by students in conducted. This evaluation enhances the performance of Teaching Faculty.

Communication skills and micro-teaching programmes

The college conducts communication skills programme for four days and micro-teaching programme for one week. These are compulsory activities to all the trainees.

Practice-in-Teaching and Practical Activities

Six weeks of practice in teaching in reputed high schools will be conducted during the course. Practical Activities in Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Social Science and Languages are part of the curriculam.

Teaching-Learning Process

The management has made the recruitments of the staff purely on the basis of merit by following the guidelines of UGC, University, NCTE and state government.

The management has always been supporting academic excellence because these days there is a general feeling regarding the declining standard of Education. In order to avoid this feeling, the staff with the help of Management are trying new methods of teaching and learning and improving the student-teacher relationship.

It was Dr.Ambedkar who wished that the career builder should have profound knowledge endowed with good character, behaviour and humanitarian values, so wishes the society from the teachers.

Our management always abides by this philosophy. It has realized the fact that excellence in education is attained through encouragement of staff members. Therefore, the institution encourages and gives the opportunity to the faculty members to improve their educational standards.

The faculty members are always supported to pursue M.Phil, Ph.D. Degreens and attend Orientation/Refresher Courses. They are also encourages to take part in academic conferences at State, National and International levels. The management always feels proud to permit the teachers to attend seminars and workshops.

Work Diary

Our teachers are sincere, committed and hard workers too. Everyday they write their work diary. The work diary will be looked into and signed by the Principal every Saturday.


As per the Gulbarga University regulations students should have minimum of 80% of attendance. One staff member is kept in-charge to monitor the attendance of students. The reasons for remaining absent will be looked into by the concerned authority.

Teaching Methodology

The members of faculty always aim at all-round development of personality of the students. Innovative Methods of Teaching are adopted and individual attention is paid. Besides intensive coaching the college holds test, seminars and practical activities.

Healthy Practices

To inculcate the National Spirit and Patriotic feeling among B.Ed. Trainees, the college invokes discipline and sense of Nationalism by celebrating Birthdays of National Leaders and days of National significance. Teachers offer informal guidance if needed to students. The college has a Placenebt cell which helps students to choose good schools for job. The college also has a Grievance Redressal Cell, Women's Forum, Science Club, Language Club and Social Science Club.